News, Hints and Tips for Budding Writers

Issue Six

The Young Writers Society

Lockdown Poem – By Genevieve Curran, Stockport, UK

Sounding Off – More Thoughts on World Building

Issue Five

conficiens journal – a brand new youth literary online magazine

Daffodils – a poem by Tesni Penney, from Stockport,UK

Sounding Off – Characters and Comic Strips

Issue Four

HEBE Magazine – the poetry magazine of youth


The Osprey’s Journey – a poem


Sounding Off – Phil talks about building wonderful worlds for your stories

Issue Three

The World Book Day Website featuring some great writing advice

Bobdobilityspawnorinando Lake – a poem by Freya, Stockport, UK

Sounding Off – Writing Dialogue

Issue Two

500 Words Competition

A nonsense poem from Oliver, Stockport, UK

How to write nonsense

Issue One

The Wicked Young Writer Competition

A short story from fourteen year old MB from Stockport, UK

Creating a character based on yourself.

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