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You have your course on trial for seven days from the time of your enrolment. If during this time you decide you wish to cancel your course you simply contact us by email and any fees you have paid will be refunded in full providing you haven't had any telephone tutorials.


You have 12 months in which to achieve your Arts Award. After that time the Budding Writers is not obliged to provide you with access to the student area or any further services. There will be a fee if you would like to extend your studies beyond the 12 months.



There will be no refund of fees once the workshop has started. If a workshop is missed, participants will have access to the the worksheets and summaries from the workshop in our online classroom. We do not record or permit recording of our workshops for the safety of participants.

Our community guidelines (see below) must be followed by workshop participants. Of they are not, and behaviour is not corrected when asked to, then the offending participant will not be allowed to attend further workshops and fees will not be refunded.



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Community Guidelines:



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