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Find out how to write better stories

If you want to write better stories then check out this free course. You’ll learn what stories are and why we tell them. Then you’ll look at the differences between original and fanfiction, as well as exploring the pros and cons of pantsering or planning your plot. Plus, we tell you how to publish your work and where you can post it online.

Throughout, there is the chance to get involved with monitored discussions and post your own work for feedback from fellow writers. It's a place to learn, share and grow.

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Course Curriculum

Write Better Stories

So What is a Story?
Understand the World and Pass on Knowledge
Persuading and Influencing
Bringing People Together
Making a Good Story
Place and Plot
A Sense of Movement
A Common Error
Points to Remember
Discussion - What do You Think?
Quiz - Test Your Knowledge

Original or Fanfiction?
Which is Better?
Thinking About Your Audience
Which is Better for Your Writing Craft?
Points to Remember
Discussion - What do You Want to Write About?
Quiz – Test Your Knowledge

Writing Fanfiction
Fanfiction Sites
Looking Back
Modern Day
Choosing Your Subject
Find out About the Fandom
Read Other Peoples Work
How Much Should You Write?
Make it The Best You Can
Safety Online
Points to Remember
Discussion – Tell us Which Fandom You Want to Write for or Share What You’ve Already Written.
Quiz – Test Your Knowledge

Writing Original Fiction
Reasons to Write Original Fiction
Writing for Competitions
Writing for Publications
Where to Find Publications to Write for
Publishing Online
Getting Feedback
Your Copyright
Points to Remember
Discussion – Share Your Views and Your Writing
Quiz – Test Your Knowledge

Pantser or Planner?
Types of Writer
Which are You?
Pantsering a Story
Planning a Story
What the Experts Have to Say
Points to Remember
Discussion – Are You a Pantser or Planner?
Quiz – Test Your Knowledge

Creating Characters
Why Well Written Characters Are Important
Creating Your Character Profiles
Characters from Real Life
Characters from Your Imagination
Stolen Characters
Bringing Your Characters to Life
The Whole Cast
Points to Remember
Discussion – How do you Create Characters?
Quiz – Test Your Knowledge on Creating Characters

More lessons to come...

So far we have only uploaded five out of the 16 chapters we have planned for you. Still to come are:

  • Plotting
  • So, You've Written a Story
  • Editing
  • A Great Opening
  • Flow
  • Great Dialogue
  • Themes
  • Proofing
  • Beta-Readers
  • Your Final Draft

These will be uploaded over the next few months at regular intervals. We'll let you know when they are ready for you.

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