Bronze Arts Award at Budding Writers

Calling all young authors, poets, playwrights and songsmiths – this is for you!

If you’re between 11 and 25, love creative writing and would like to develop your skills, then Arts Award is ideal. Arts Award gives you: 

  • a flexible framework in which to improve your writing.
  • the freedom to write about what you want in whatever form you want.
  • the chance to discover, explore and understand your own creative process.

And working through our Arts Award programme will help you:

  • grow in confidence as a writer.
  • learn to work independently in pursuit of your personal writing ambitions.

So, if you have a passion for poetry, a flare for fiction or are big on blogging, taking Arts Award is a great way to have fun with your writing and get a qualification at the same time.

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What is Arts Award?

Arts Award is a unique set of qualifications that support children and young people up to the age of 25 to enjoy the arts and develop as artists and art leaders. Young people completing Arts Award acquire creative and communication skills that are essential for success in 21st century life.

Since Arts Award launched in 2005, over 399,000 awards have been achieved across five levels - Discover, Explore, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Arts Award is a nationally recognised qualification supported by the Arts Council of England, devised and moderated by Trinity College, London. Always in collaboration with Trinity College, it is run as an extra-curricular course by schools and arts associations right across the UK. Here at Budding Writers, our Bronze Arts Award programme combines online learning with telephone tutorials and email support.

The Budding Writers' Programme

To access the Bronze Arts Award modules you'll need to log in to this website. The modules are made up of games, worksheets, and a series of videos, in which you'll meet Phil Busby, our Arts Award Coordinator. He'll guide you through the programme with the help of his trusty assistants:  OJ Hack, Kevin Budd, his wife Susie, and the sadly forgotten English fantasy writer, JRR Timkin. 

Click the video below to see the introduction to Part One.

There are four modules (or Parts) to the Bronze Arts Award. Each part is released to you one at a time. As soon as your adviser is happy with your work for each part the next will be released to you. This is the contents of Part One.

  • 1

    Introduction and Part 1 Bronze Arts Award

    • Introduction and How to Proceed
    • Introductory Video
    • The First Task
    • What to Review
    • Overview of Part 1
    • Mix&Match Game – to help you decide what to review.
    • Examples of Reviews – to help you decide what type of review you'd like to do.
    • Assignment 1 – Planning Your Review – please complete this before contacting your adviser.

The Budding Writers' System

Once you've seen the videos, and looked through the written materials for each of our modules, you'll arrange a telephone call* with one of our Arts Award advisers. Your adviser will help you decide what kind of project to do, and how best to organise your time.

After this conversation, you'll be sent an email outlining what you’ve agreed and suggesting links to online resources that will help you complete the module.

One important thing that all Arts Award participants have to do is show evidence of themselves working on tasks. At Budding Writers, you'll post all this evidence, along with your project work, in an online portfolio, which can include writing, photography, video and audio files. It’ll be a challenge putting it together, but fun too, and you’ll develop a good understanding of your own creative process as you're doing it

Your portfolio will be kept on a secure learning platform called Seesaw – which can be accessed through your computer or via an app on your mobile device. Here you'll be able to upload all your evidence and other Arts Award work. None of this will be visible to general internet users, but your portfolio will be available to your Arts Award adviser, the Trinity College moderator, other participants of the Budding Writers Bronze Arts Award programme and, if you choose, your mum and dad/guardian. Once you've enrolled with us you'll be sent details on how to access the Seesaw facility.

Don't worry if this all sounds a bit daunting - if you ever get stuck, your adviser will only be an email away and they will ALWAYS get back to you.

* If you find talking on the phone uncomfortable, that's OK, we can work with you by email instead. Simply let us know with your first assignment that email is your preferred method of communicating with your adviser.

Expert Opinion

“The Budding Writers programme is a very well thought through and thorough Bronze and I hope that this brilliant course attracts lots of young people to explore and develop their own writing style.”
Caroline Bray, Arts Award Associate, Arts and Culture.

Full Course Synopsis

This gives you an overview of Arts Award and explains what you need to do to get started.

Part 1 (Arts Award Part B): Exploring writing as a member of the audience.
To be a writer, you also need to be a keen reader, listener and watcher of films, plays, TV... etc. For this part you need to review and analyse a book, a story, a song, a play or maybe a film... something by someone you really like. You can present your review in any format you want.

Part 2 (Arts Award Part A): Developing your creative writing skills.
Here, along with your adviser, you'll decide on an activity that will help develop some aspect of your writing. This can be anything you like, from joining the school’s creative writing club to working through a booktuber's online course, or creating a written piece to enter a competition.

Part 3 (Arts Award Part C): Discovering more about someone who inspires you.
Here, you'll be asked to find out about an author or artist whose work you enjoy. You’ll look into their life, finding out about their influences, their career, and how they go about doing whatever it is they do. 

Part 4 (Arts Award Part D): Passing on your skills.
Teaching is a great way to reinforce anything you've learnt. And all artists (not just writers) are bearers of traditions that have to be passed on from one person to another, one generation to the next. So, in this section, you get the chance to pass on something you know about writing. Putting together a 'How To' article or video, or running a lunchtime workshop at school are just some of the options here – your adviser will help you decide what to do.

Guidance. For each section, you’ll be asked to provide evidence of yourself doing the required task and reflecting on the process you went through to complete it. You will be given guidance on how to do this.

Your work. The work you upload to your portfolio can be in any format you like – written pieces, photos, videos, songs, memes and mood boards are all good for Arts Award. This is something you can discuss with your adviser.

Your Adviser and YouOnce you’ve enrolled with Budding Writers, you'll receive an email from your Arts Award adviser, introducing themselves. They will be your personal mentor, and guide you through the Arts Award qualification. You will have five telephone or email tutorials with your adviser. Plus, you can email them at anytime if you need a little extra help or advice.

Your adviser will be an enhanced DBS checked, Arts Award trained, working writer, who wants to help you become the best writer you can be.

Arts Award Qualification. Once you've completed all four parts of the Bronze Arts Award programme, and uploaded all your work to your portfolio, we will invite a moderator from Trinity College to look through it. Providing your individual pieces of evidence and reflection meet the required standard (your adviser will help with this) your Bronze Arts Award certificate will be issued by Trinity College and sent out to us, so we can send it on to you.

Seven-day Trial. After enrolling you have seven days to decide if this programme is for you. If for whatever reason (and you don't have to tell us), within the first week you decide you don't want to continue, simply email us and a full refund will be issued to the card that was used to pay for the course.

Twelve Great Reasons to Enrol with Budding Writers

  1. Gain a nationally recognised qualification whilst doing something you love.

  2. Develop research, reflection, teaching and leadership skills.

  3. Increase your self-confidence and improve your writing.

  4. Find out how you can use writing in your future career.

  5. Gain a better understanding of your creative process.

  6. All the course material is online so you can study where and when it suits you.

  7. Focus on the areas of writing that interest you.

  8. Five tutorials with your Arts Award adviser by telephone or email - it's your choice.

  9. You can email your adviser any time you have a question.

  10. You have a full year to complete your Award.

  11. Seven-day trial to make sure it's for you.

  12. It's challenging and lots of fun.

Enrolling is Easy. Here at Budding Writers we like to make things easy for you. So we have no fixed enrolment dates. You enrol as soon as you are ready. No waiting, no fuss. All you have to do is click the 'Enrol Now' buttons on this page. As soon as your card details have been approved you'll have instant access to your course materials and you can start. It's as simple as that.

Bronze Arts Award Fees: £372 for all four parts of the Budding Writers online-learning programme, plus Arts Award moderation and certificate fee of £23 = £395 in all.

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Your Questions

  • Who Can Take Arts Award?

    Arts Award is open to anyone aged up to 25, and embraces all interests and backgrounds. Here, at Budding Writers, we offer Bronze Arts Award for those whose creative pursuit is writing. A passion and desire to write is all you need to get started. Bronze Arts Award is designed for ages 11-14 but anyone up to 25 can take it. You must be resident in the UK. By the time you complete your portfolio you will gain an understanding of your writing practices, a wider knowledge of the written word, an insight into career options for writers and finally, you’ll have started to develop some teaching, research and reflection skills. All great skills that will help you in many areas of life. You get all this whilst doing something you love.

  • Who is my Adviser?

    Your adviser has been specially trained by Arts Award to guide you through your qualification. They have been published, are experience in working with young people and have had a recent enhanced DBS check.

  • How Long Will My Bronze Arts Award Take?

    You have a full year to progress through the programme so you can work at a pace that suits you but, you can complete it quicker if you want to. There is no pressure or stress and you can purchase an extension if one is required. You and your adviser will decide on deadlines for each section. But, if for any reason you need to have longer, just let your adviser know and together you can work out a new deadline. We want you to enjoy yourself as well a gain your qualification.

  • Where Can I Take Arts Award?

    If your school doesn’t offer Arts Award then our distance learning programme is a great way to gain your certificate. Budding Writers offers Bronze Arts Award for those who want to focus on writing. If you’re interested in a different art form you can find a provider by cutting and pasting this link:

  • Who Runs Arts Award?

    Arts Award is a unique qualification managed by Trinity College London in association with the Arts Council. For more details visit by cutting and pasting this link:

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